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Fisher & Paykel Premium Integrated Refrigeration

Integrated, 900 906mm, with Ice maker and water dispenser

Fisher & Paykel fridge freezers are designed to seamlessly integrate into your kitchen. You have the option to use your own kitchen cabinetry with this right hinge model or you can purchase it with stainless steel panels.

  • ActiveSmart™ technology helps keep food fresher for longer by constantly maintaining the ideal temperature
  • Customise with your own kitchen cabinetry or purchase our stainless steel door panel accessory
  • Features SmartTouch control panel for ease of use
  • Spacious bottom freezer with full extension drawer

  • Dimensiones Profundidad 606mm x Altura 2028mm x Anchura 906mm
  • Capacidad Congelador 176 L Refrigerador 349 L Total 525 L
  • Consumo 370 kWh / año
  • Clase energética A+
  • 5 años de garantía

  • Ref. RS9120WLJ1 / RS9120WRJ1 bisagra izquierda / derecha con fabricador de hielo
  • Ref. RD9121WL / RD9121WR Kit panel de puerta acero con tiradores RS9120WLJ1/ RS9120WRJ1
  • Ref. RS9120WRU1 bisagra derecha con dispensador de agua y fabricador de hielo
  • Ref. RD9121WRU Kit panel de puerta acero con tiradores RS9120WRU1
  • Ref. RS91W Kit de unión frigoríficos RS9120WLJ1/ RS9120WRJ1/ RS9120WRU1