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CoolDrawer ™ Multi-temperature integrable drawer

The Fisher & Paykel CoolDrawer™ has been designed to change from refrigerator to freezer at the touch of a button and can be placed anywhere in the home. The CoolDrawer™ provides five temperature settings to deliver total flexibility - freezer, chill, fridge, pantry and wine modes, merging intelligence with convenience.

Choose between five different food modes including fridge, freezer, pantry, chill and wine


  • Dimensions: Depth 557mm x Height 640mm x Width 855mm
  • Capacity: 123L
  • Customizable storage drawer
  • Drawer alarm
  • Fruit and vegetable drawer and removable tray
  • Lock with key
  • Touch control glass interface
  • Variable temperature control:
  •     - Cool (-0.5 ° C)
        - Freezer (-18 ° C)
        - Pantry (12 ° C)
        - Freezer (3 ° C)
        - Wine (7-15 ° C)
  • 5-year guarantee