O + F A- Line is a privately held German company based in Menden / Sauerland that manufactures a unique way functional and well-designed appliances from the old world and the new . Our The development is based on a manufacturing process controlled CAD / CAM guarantees maximum precision. With such machines precision CNC combine quality welding manufacturing - where the best results are obtained , and where the visual control of the human eye is still not easy to replace - can design products with high added value , unique quality and durability exceptional.

o+f a-line


The Aero hood has a large filter surface incorporating various mesh sizes to capture the maximum steam . The fan speed is electronically controlled automatic tracking . The remote control is compatible with engines 755m3 / 1000m3 / 1400m3 . Aero is an extractor designed for cooktops 130cm wide and with a maximum distance of 166cm between the hood and the plate. Ideal for kitchens with island kitchens with conventional or wall units . Minimum installation height output side / front and rear ducts 15,5cm . Outlet right / left or front / rear air Compatible with Flair Compair Naba NW150 Gmbh . Vertical air outlet with N150 / N180 .



Aero Wand

Design and style, accessible ventilation in its most beautiful form. The famous model "Aero Wand O + F" is also available in wall version. The depth of the hood allows a new dimension to planning the kitchen. The following figure shows different characteristics: The new and exclusive concept of O + F LED is available in all hoods with immediate availability. The lights are flush / recessed LED diodes 36 and only 2.5W power consumption for each point of light. A good option is to choose a warm tone white light as being close fresh food does not produce radiant heat and these remain intact. It includes remote control, digital display, automatic fan speed and remote engine. Automatic function for all adjustment levels 10 to 60 minutes. Compatible with external fan units 755 - 1200 m³ / h. Made pleated stainless steel instead of avoiding friction welding joint air.


aero wand tecnico


iBOX is a completely new ventilation system designed by O + F with many innovative details: iBOX is a pure convection hood and equipped with plasma filter for recirculated air unique in the world and should be serviced every 5 years for maintenance. Plasma-based technology was developed by the INP Leibniz-Institute of the University of Greifswald and has been tested professionally for years, both in the restaurants largest hamburger chain in the world and at Frankfurt Airport. iBOX not require outlet to the outside so it is ideal for all kitchens with the concept of energy saving (passive house zero energy house) or kitchens where an outlet to the outside is undesirable or impossible solution. It has an optional LED that can be changed regardless of the lighting of the worktop. Its perimeter system distributes the suction pressure and uniform esespecialmente. The base material of the chassis of the bell is high quality with a finish stainless steel grade 1.4301 - nonmagnetic. Its operation "Whisper" very quiet - only 54 dBA at the intensive level of 4-755 m³ / h.


iBox step

The iBOXstep design is a formal interpretation of the successful iBOX recipe with fresh arrangiertenZutaten: EC motor with 820 m³ / h, flush built-in LED lights, of course, sound insulation Randabsaugungenund a novel plasma recirculation filter, which due to its design an overall height of 26 cmermöglicht. Self-evident details that make the difference. Up to 10 dBA quieter compared zukonventioneller engine technology with a connected load of max.160 Watt, to in convection and ideal for energy-saving and low-energy houses: iBOXstep is unparalleled.

ibox step