The roots of the company Jaksch K├╝echentechnik GmbH founded by Adolf Jaksch were 30 years ago from a business stop supplying equipment to the food service preparation. It was by the usual methods of cooking in large restaurants inspired in large areas of cooking, was when he decided to develop an iron as for private use - similar to what is known in Asia as Teppan-Yaki. Based on many years of experience in the restoration team, Adolf Jaksch designed the first Teppan Yaki domestic market. In addition to demanding technical requirements, also a product development with high standards of aesthetics and functionality. In 1989, the Teppan Yaki, finally went on sale. The grant of the European patent for the models combinations of plates (combi line) was another milestone in the history of the company. With this innovation, which was the first time that trouble to build it, the plate Teppan Yaki counter and were one unit - it was and is both functional and aesthetically innovative.

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Jaksch Products

To get the kitchen out to garden or to the terrace, is the 58 cm teppan with its two heating zones is your first choice




  • Flexible Installation
  • Multifuntion Channel Area
  • Connection via standard plug with an earth contact
  • Robust , durable technology for indoor and outdoor use (Classic and Mobile)